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Split case pump
ProductTitle: Fire?fighting?jockey?pump
ProductModel: XBD-L
Category: 71 *
Email: jodan@borrapump.com
CompanyName: Borra Technology Co.,Ltd
Phone: +86 57767966258.
Fax: +86 57767193977.
Address: CHINA

XBD-(i) vertical 1-stage & multi-priming fire fight pumps system, used for middle & low pressure work conditions, to transfer clear water and similar liquids with similar physical & chemical properties, without solid particles, applied and suitable in fire fight water supply in residual houses, hotels, office buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals and factories.

XBD-(I) fire fight pumps system’s performance and technical parameters comply with GB6245-1998 “Performance requirements and test methods for fire pumps”, and obtains certificates from “China National Fire Fight Equipment Quality Supervision & Testing Center”.

Computer design and optimized processing, strong technical power, rich manufacture experiences and perfect test methods ensure stable and reliable quality.

1. vertical structure, less area for installation needed.

2. Little vibration and noise, hydraulic balanced axial force, stable in running.

3. Advanced hydraulic model, high efficiency and wide application range.

4. The pump inlet and outlet are on a same horizontal line, same sizes, easy to install and uninstall.

Technical parameters: 
flow: 0.5-45L/S;
pressure: 0.2-2.0Mpa;
power: 1.1-90KW;
rotation speed: 2900r/min;
diameter: ф25-ф150mm;
temperature range: ≤80℃.
Maintenance in run

1. Inlet pipe shall be well sealed, no leak;

2. Pump shall not work in gas etching condition for a long time;

3. Pump shall not work in big flow condition, shall not work under great electric currency;

4. Regularly check pump motor currency value, keep it running in the designed work conditions;

5. Monitored by technicians in work, to avoid accidents; 

6. For mechanical abrasion, noise and vibration increase, you shall stop and check, or replace fragile components and bearing, normally one time in a year.

Mechanical seal maintenance

1. mechanical seal lubricant oil shall be clean, no solid particles;

2. Do not make mechanical seal work in dry conditions;

3. Before start, jog the pump (motor) for a few times, in order to avoid damage on mechanical seal.

Start and stop


1. Rotate motor by hand, it shall rotate flexibly;

2. Open inlet valve, open drain valve and make the pump filled by liquid, then close the drain valve;

3. If hot liquid is transferred, the temperature rise shall be 50°C/h: preheat is done by liquid cycling;

4. Rotate by hand to let lubricant oil reach the mechanical seal;

5. Jog motor, check whether rotation direction is correct.

Start and run

1. Open inlet valve completely, close outlet pipe valve;

2. Turn on power supply, when pump rotation speed is normal, open gradually the outlet pipe valve, and adjust to the work conditions required;

3. Observe meters, check shaft seal leaking. The normal mechanical seal leaking is 3 drops/min, then check the motor. If you find anything abnormal in the bearing, you shall handle promptly.


1. Gradually close outlet pipe valve, turn off power supply;

2. Close inlet valve;

3. If the ambient temperature is below 0°C, you shall drain off liquid inside completely, in order to avoid frozen cracks;

4. If you will not use for a long time. You shall uninstall and clean, pack to store.


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