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Customer Service:+86 57767966258. E-mail: jodan@borrapump.com
Split case pump
ProductTitle: Vertical In-Line Fire Pump Type XBD-L
ProductModel: XBD-L
Category: 6 *
Email: jodan@borrapump.com
CompanyName: Borra Technology Co.,Ltd
Phone: +86 57767966258.
Fax: +86 57767193977.
Address: CHINA

XBD fire fight pumps system, used to transfer clear water and similar liquids with similar physical & chemical properties, without solid particles, applied and suitable in pressure boosted water supply in fire fight systems, industrial and municipal water supply and drain, high-building architecture pressure boosted water supply, remote water supply, heating, bathrooms, boiler cold & hot water circulation, pressure boosted air-conditioning system water supply and peripheral facilities.

XBD fire fight pumps system’s performance and technical parameters comply with GB6245-1998 “Performance requirements and test methods for fire pumps”, and obtains certificates from “China National Fire Fight Equipment Quality Supervision & Testing Center”.

Computer design and optimized processing, strong technical power, rich manufacture experiences and perfect test methods ensure stable and reliable quality.


1. Compact structure, small, nice, vertical installation, less area for installation needed, gravity on feet, stable running and long life.

2. Stable running, little noise, highly concentric components.

3. Advanced hydraulic model, high efficiency and performance.

4. The superior mechanical shaft seal, highly endurable against friction, no leak, long life.

5. The pump inlet and outlet are on a same horizontal line, same sizes, easy to install and uninstall.

6. Easy to maintain, pipes uninstall is not needed, you only need take off pump cap nuts, then take out motor and transmission elements, before maintaining.

Technical parameters:

flow: 5-100L/S;

pressure: 0.10-1.25Mpa;

power: 1.1-250KW;

rotation speed: 980-2900r/min;

diameter: φ50-φ300;

temperature range:≤80℃.

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