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diesel driven pump has a complete alarm or protection system

Author: admin Source: the internet Posted On: 2020/7/20 9:43:54

Diesel driven pumps are small in size, good in shock absorption, stable in operation, and less affected by the environment. In addition to handling a wide range of sensitive and corrosive fluids at low to medium flow rates, in order to handle chemicals, food, medicines and related processes And the higher delivery flow required by industrial enterprises, the requirement for non-metallic pumps is to adopt a new structure.
   The diesel driven pump set conforms to the process pump standard model, and is arranged in the non-sealed mechanism and automatic starting device. Diesel driven pumps have the ability to run dry, have a unique segmented shaft structure, and allow a length of 50ft. These types can be used in the food industry. The design and structure of diesel engine water pumps have no metal components in contact with fluid.
   Diesel driven pump advantages:
  1. Strong power: The integral crankshaft of the diesel engine set has high rigidity, high strength and high torque transmission efficiency.
  2. Technology: Adopt gantry body, sliding bearing, plate-fin cooler, top-mounted heat exchanger, spin-on oil filter and dual cooling system.
3. High degree of automation: with automatic, manual and fault self-checking functions, the whole process monitors the working condition, can recover the fault start failure, automatic restart function, automatic pre-lubrication, pre-heating, making the equipment start safer and more reliable; diesel driven pump has a central The control room has remote control and remote control functions, and it can also have fieldbus connection.
   Diesel driven pump unit performance characteristics:
   1. It has three perfect startup functions:
  1. Manual start function: manual and automatic interlock can be completed through the switch and manual start function can be realized.
2. Automatic start function: the diesel driven pump is allowed to start three times. If the start is unsuccessful for three times, it will send out a "failure to start alarm" and automatically exit the start state. After a successful start, the start to rated load time is 5-10-15s (according to the unit capacity Varies)
   3. Emergency manual direct start function: When the automatic control device fails, it can realize the emergency manual direct start function.
2. It has a complete alarm or protection system: three start failure alarms or protections, overspeed alarms or protections, low lubricating oil pressure alarms or protections, turbocharger oil pressures low alarms or protections, cooling water temperature high alarms or Protection, low oil temperature alarm or protection, automatic charging device failure alarm, low battery voltage alarm, high battery voltage alarm, low oil level alarm or protection.
   Three, have a perfect reality system:
   diesel engine lubricating oil pressure, diesel engine speed, battery charging current, battery charging voltage.
   Four, direct connection type:
   The diesel engine and the water pump are directly connected by a shaft coupling, and the common channel steel base is adopted, which has a compact structure and good overall performance. Fewer failures, less vibration, and convenient on-site installation.

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